Welcome to Circles, a blog about pinhole photography.

This blog will provide you with a basic understanding of pinhole photography. Most of the explanations on the site are aimed at those who are already familiar with the basics of 35mm photography, but if you’re interested in pinhole photography and not familiar with 35mm, stick around! Pinhole photography is simple to grasp, and fun to try out.

Pinhole photography in a nutshell

Pinhole photography is photography at its most basic. Unlike traditional photography, no lens is required. Images are created by light shining through a tiny pinhole.

You can find information about how to make your own pinhole camera. You’ll also find information on the tools required and steps to follow when taking pinhole photographs. You can also read about aesthetic considerations of pinhole photographs.

Montreal railroad tracks, 35mm SLR camera.

Iconic Mile End shot, Montreal, 35mm SLR camera.